Two Teens Die In Underage DUI Accident

A substantial number of DUI arrests involve teenagers who are not of age to legally drink alcohol. Because they are underage, but face the same penalties an adult DUI suspect would, this makes an underage DUI charge more complicated. California has a zero-tolerance law when it comes to underage DUI. This means that instead of the usual .08% blood-alcohol threshold, an underage suspect can be charged with DUI if any level of alcohol is found in their system. Injuries and fatalities in a DUI accident can complicate an underage DUI even further. NBC Bay Area reports on an accident caused by a suspected underage DUI that claimed the lives of two teens.

At about 4:01 a.m. Sunday, August 12th, a fatal accident occurred on Highway 24 in Walnut Creek.

The driver of the car that was involved in the single-vehicle accident has been identified as 18-year-old Ramya Ramey of Antioch.

While driving on eastbound Highway 24 approaching the 680 interchange, Ramey veered off of the roadway, causing her vehicle to overturn. The vehicle came to a stop on Boulevard Circle.

According to the California Highway Patrol, two male teen passengers in the vehicle were killed in the accident. Another two teens in the vehicle were seriously injured.

The two injured teens were taken to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.

Ramey also suffered serious injuries in the crash.

Ramey was arrested and is charged with two counts of felony manslaughter. She is also facing multiple counts of felony DUI causing injury for the two passengers who were injured.

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