Two Local Rappers Killed As Passengers In DUI Crash

In California, a charge of DUI causing injury may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. In order to be convicted of DUI causing injury, prosecutors must first prove that a person was driving under the influence, had a BAC of 0.8% or higher, or was under the influence of drugs. They must also prove that the person broke another law or otherwise acted negligently and that because of these actions, another person was injured. Fox 40 reports on a crash that claimed the lives of two California rappers.

Investigators in Modesto believe that the crash that claimed the lives of two young rappers was fueled by alcohol.

The crash happened on Thursday night when the crew cab pickup truck they were riding in crashed on Sylvan Avenue and eventually hit a tree.

G-sta, whose real name was Michael Perez was killed, along with friend C-LOC, whose real name was Charles Nunez, Jr when the vehicle caught fire after the accident.

The driver of the vehicle, 28-year-old Alfonzo Rodriguez-Quintana was found on the ground near his truck shortly after the crash.

Family and friends both believe that the two young artists may have had plans to go to karaoke that night. Police are unsure why they got into the vehicle with Rodriguez-Quintana.

Rodriguez-Quintana has been charged with two counts of homicide, DUI causing injury, and gross bodily injury in the commission of a felony.

If you have any information as to why the two friends may have gotten into the truck with the suspect, Modesto police wish to hear from you.


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