Two Injured In Possible DUI Crash

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In many cases, DUIs end in accidents.  When an accident does occur and a DUI is believed to be the cause, often the person suspected is detained until this fact can be ascertained.  Sometimes, police are unable to perform field sobriety tests after an accident.

In Industry, California, just before the New Year, two people were injured and one of them was detained following an accident. 

The accident happened when a pickup truck and a SUV collided.  There are few details regarding the accident which occurred at approximately 10:22 pm on Valley Boulevard at Giano Avenue. 

Lt. Arthur Scott of the Sheriff’s Industry Station said that one of the men involved in the accident was detained for suspicion of DUI.  Because he had not been arrested at the time of press, his name had not been released.

The second man involved in the accident suffered a possible torn aorta and underwent emergency surgery.  The suspect himself suffered injuries, some of which were serious, but Lt. Scott wasn’t certain of the extent of the man’s injuries.

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