Two Head-on Collisions In Nortridge

We have news of another DUI crash from NBC Los Angeles, this time in Northridge. It’s another head-on collision, but this time two cars were struck head-on.

The crash happened just before midnight on Nordhoff Street near Zelzah Avenue. The young driver believed to be intoxicated turned into oncoming traffic and hit the two other vehicles. One person went to the hospital with multiple broken bones. She is considered to be critically injured. The DUI driver was also taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. All other parties were uninjured.

The driver responsible for the crash has been charged with suspicion of DUI.

A DUI lawyer who takes on a case must probe the incident from every angle to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. The crash and the injuries are undeniable, but was it DUI or simple fatigue? Could there have been a mislabled road sign? Might the driver have been within the legal limit or the evidence taken incorrectly? These are all things that can lower or even eliminate DUI charges.

DUI has such serious penalties that you should take every opportunity to fight them. If you’ve been arrested for DUI and you live in Los Angeles, call our LA DUI team today for a free consultation. Call us as soon as you can after your arrest.

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