Two Children Injured When Drunk Driver Goes Through Yard

ABC 7 reports that two children were injured when a suspected drunk driver plowed through the yard where they were playing. The incident happened on at 2: 20 p.m.  Friday afternoon in South Los Angeles at 48th Street and Ascot Avenue. A driver who is suspected of being intoxicated plowed through a fence and into a yard where two children were playing. 

The children’s grandmother was sitting on the porch watching them play when the car came barreling into the yard. At first, she didn’t see the 2-year-old but then spotted him under some metal and pulled him out. 

The driver fled the scene, but neighbors rushed after the driver and caught him. 

Both children were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI. 

While you may think that saving money by driving home even just a little intoxicated instead of taking an Uber or Lyft is a good thing. Unfortunately, if caught, a DUI conviction is one of the most expensive misdemeanors a person can face in California. First, the minimum fine for a DUI conviction is $390. Court costs can vary by jurisdiction but can be as much as $1,245. You’ll also have to pay for booking and fingerprinting at $170. Your vehicle will likely be towed and impounded at a cost of $350. You’ll have to pay into the Victim’s Restitution Fund in the amount of $140. Three months of DUI school will cost $575. These charges do not reflect the cost of reinstating your license, insurance premium increases, or the cost of bail. 

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