Two Are Injured In A Head-On DUI Crash In Redding

In California, a driver who is under the influence of drugs is treated the same as a driver under the influence of alcohol. The penalties for the DUI-drugs are the same as a regular DUI. If the driver is involved in an accident, they will also face the same penalties for a DUI accident. 

For the purposes of the law, DUI-drugs can be charged if the driver is deemed to be under the influence of any drug. This includes both legal and illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or over-the-counter medication. If it can affect a person’s ability to drive, they can be charged with DUI-drugs. 

KRCTV reports that a DUI driver has been arrested after fleeing from a crash in Redding. 

The accident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. last Wednesday on Hilltop Drive in Redding. 

Officers with the Redding Police Department responded to a call about a hit-and-run crash near the Peppertree Apartments. 

The RPD learned that a black Ford F-150 was traveling south on Hilltop Drive. The driver, 33-year-old Hal Kimberly Sutherland, made a left turn into the path of a northbound white van. Sutherland hit the van head-on and fled the scene.

The driver and passenger in the van sustained lacerations and were transported to a hospital for treatment. 

Police found Sutherland several blocks from the scene of the accident. He had changed clothing to disguise his appearance. He was taken into custody under suspicion of being under the influence of several different drugs and hit-and-run. 

Sutherland admitted to being the driver of the Ford.

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