Truck Driver Crashes Head-On With Mustang

In most cases, a DUI will be charged as a misdemeanor in California. Like all things, there are exceptions to this generality. If it is a person’s fourth DUI within ten years, the DUI can be charged as a felony. If the DUI caused an accident that resulted in serious injuries either to passengers in the same vehicle or in another vehicle, the DUI may be charged as a felony. Likewise, if the DUI caused an accident that resulted in someone’s death, it may be charged as a felony. Finally, if a person has a previous felony DUI conviction, subsequent DUIs are typically charged as felony offenses. Felony offenses are more serious than a misdemeanor and often mean a state prison sentence.

The Fresno Bee reports on a man facing felony DUI charges following an accident.

The accident occurred shortly after 6 p.m. on Saturday and closed California Avenue as police investigated. Police officers were initially alerted to the crash when they heard the noise generated by the accident.

A male, whose name has not been released, was driving a truck eastbound along California Avenue near Inyo Street in Fresno. The driver swerved suddenly, crashing head-on into a Mustang.

The driver of the Mustang was seriously injured in the crash and was, according to police, “in and out of consciousness.” He was taken to Community Regional Medical Center for treatment for a head wound.

The driver of the truck was evaluated by police and arrested for felony DUI. Police also stated that the driver was driving on a suspended license.


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