Troy Smith Arrested on DUI Charge


Celebrities, politicians, and professional athletes are all types of people who are regularly in the public eye. However, they are still human, despite how famous they may be. This makes this susceptible to human errors, including making mistakes like driving under the influence.

A former Ohio State quarterback was arrested in Westerville, Ohio under suspicion of DUI and possession of marijuana.

A police statement says that Smith was pulled over at about 2:30 am on April 3rd, after a police officer noticed he did not have a front license plate. The officer then reported that Smith was seen swerving.

31-year old Smith was charged with operation of a vehicle while under the influence, marijuana possession, and improper display of a license plate. He was released into his girlfriend’s custody pending a hearing to take place on Wednesday.

Smith initially refused a breathalyzer test, citing the advice of his lawyer and also claimed that he had not been drinking. After being arrested, Smith was administered the test and his blood-alcohol content was .143. Ohio’s legal limit is 0.08. Police also found and seized two marijuana cigarettes from Smith’s vehicle.

Smith played for Ohio State from 2003-2006. He was a Heisman trophy winner for most outstanding player in 2006. Smith went on the play in the NFL from 2007-2010 for the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.

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