Training To Recognize Drunk People in Bars May Become Law

Often, the person serving the drinks can be the first in line to prevent a DUI from occurring. Training bartenders and servers in how to assess intoxication levels and understanding the risks posed to their establishment as well as others can go a long way. NBC Bay Area reports on a bill that hopes to make such training mandatory for servers and bartenders.

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) authored the bill that awaits a signature from Governor Jerry Brown. The bill would require training for all bartenders in understanding how much alcohol is too much alcohol. Recognizing when someone is drunk and needs to be cut off is only part of the training.

The training in alcohol responsibility would prepare servers and bartenders on a variety of topics. These topics include legal responsibilities of their employer, avoiding over-serving customers, and other similar issues. The training would be mandatory.

This kind of training is not new. A program which is similar reduced drunk driving instances in Oregon. There is hope for a similar outcome in California.

The bill was inspired by the tragic deaths of two University of California San Diego medical students. They were killed when their vehicle was involved in an accident with a driver who was clearly very intoxicated.

The bill passed both the Assembly and the Senate by a wide approval margin.

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