Tiger Woods Enters Diversion Program

A good number of people might mistakenly assume that celebrities and professional athletes get treated differently when arrested for charges like DUI. While there may be isolated cases of such treatment, they often are treated the same as common, everyday citizens. NBC Los Angeles reports that Tiger Woods is not being treated differently than anyone else in the course of his DUI charges.

Tiger Woods, who holds 14 major golfing titles, was caught in a DUI at about 2 a.m. on May 29, 2017 about 15 miles from his home in Jupiter, Florida. Officers found him unconscious behind the wheel in his Mercedes-Benz, which was parked oddly. Woods was disoriented and stumbled through a field sobriety test. When asked by officers, he said he had taken a Vicodin and a Xanax. Vicodin is used to treat pain and the Xanax is used to treat insomnia.

On Wednesday, August 9, Woods agreed to plead guilty to a charge of reckless driving. He will also enter a diversion program that will wipe his record clean as long as he completes the program.

Woods did not appear at the arraignment.

Woods agreed to plead guilty at an October 25th hearing and agreed to enter the county’s program for first-time DUI offenders. Prosecutor Adrienne Ellis said that Woods is not being treated differently than anyone else.

Under the plea deal, prosecutors would drop the DUI charge. Woods would be required to pay a $250 dollar fine, spend a year on probation, attend a DUI school and perform 50 hours of community service.

Another condition of the plea deal is that Woods would have to attend a workshop where victims of those who drove under the influence would tell their stories of how their lives were affected.

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