Tiger Woods Charged With DUI Again

Tiger Woods is back in the news again. Unfortunately, it’s not for his golfing skills. He’s been charged with another DUI. CBS Los Angeles reported on the story.

Last week he was arrested in Florida at around 3 A.M. According to statement put out by Woods, he had an unexpected reaction to prescription medication. Woods underwent back surgery a few weeks ago after back spasms forced him to leave competition.

The police say they have little details about what happened during the arrest, nor did they have information about whether Woods was indeed intoxicated from prescription drugs or alcohol. If convicted, this will be Woods’ second DUI. The first DUI led to a revelation of his affairs, the divorce of his wife, and trouble with his golf game ever since.

Back pain surgery takes a long time. Painkillers are a necessity for most people. These drugs cause impairment. You should never drive if you’re on prescription opioids or any other drug that has a warning about operating heavy machinery. In cases like these, there’s no legal limit. You either have the drug in your system or you don’t. And if you drive recklessly while on the road under the influence of these drugs you will have to face the consequences.

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