Three Drivers Crash into Same Home Last Year

Intoxication does make it difficult to drive, but there are some roads out there that are just badly designed. Even a sober driver can crash on a turn that’s too sharp and poorly marked. For one family living on such a curve, every loud sound has them on edge after three suspected drunk drivers crashed into their home over the last few months.

The family’s house sits on a sharp curve with a speed limit of 15 MPH. The first two hits destroyed a brick wall that was guarding the home. The third hit broke through a temporary plywood barrier and crashed into the pool.

The family hasn’t been injured, but now they live on edge. The crashes were all at a high rate of speed. The family has been trying to get officials to install posts along the curb to prevent crashes from reaching their home but to no avail. Hopefully, they move quickly on that because no homeowner should have to live in such a dangerous location.

While all the drivers in the crashes were arrested for suspected drunk driving, it’s unknown if any of them were actually convicted.

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