The Drivers Who Under The Influence Crashed Into A Store, Setting It On Fire

In most cases, a DUI in California is charged as a misdemeanor, but under certain circumstances, a DUI may escalate to a more serious charge. Some of these circumstances include the following:

  1. The driver has a previous felony DUI on record.
  2. The driver was involved in a traffic collision.
  3. There were deaths or injuries caused by the DUI.

A driver who is involved in a DUI involving these circumstances could quickly find themselves facing felony charges, which can result in a sentence spent in state prison, in addition to a felony record, if convicted. As such, even after light drinking, it would be best to avoid driving.

KMPH reports that a suspected DUI driver has been injured after a car crashed into a North Fresno building and caught fire. 

The accident occurred on Thursday at about 6:30 p.m. 

Fresno Police received a 911 call about a vehicle that had crashed into a building near Blackstone and Bullard. 

Officers arrived at the scene to find a Dodge Challenger sitting inside the showroom of Philips Barstools and Dinettes. 

According to witnesses, the driver of the Challenger had been swerving in and out of traffic prior to the crash. The driver hit another vehicle and the impact sent him careening into the front of the business. 

The car’s engine caught fire, which also set the store on fire. 

The driver had a serious leg injury and was rushed to a local hospital. Officers tested the drivers of both cars for possible intoxication. Both were determined to be under the influence.

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