Terrible Crash in Victorville

We have a very tragic story today out of Victorville involving an alleged DUI driver. A driver doesn’t have to be drunk in order to cause a terrible accident, but it is very common for police to check for intoxication when a crash is bad. Here’s what we know.

In Victorville in the early morning hours, a driver with two prior DUI convictions crashed into the side of a vehicle. Police say the man allegedly ran a stop sign on Amethyst Road. The force of the crash killed the driver and killed an unborn baby. The woman carrying the child and an in-law also received major injuries and were taken to the hospital.

The alleged drunk driver received minor injuries. After treatment, he was booked into jail. If the DUI conviction holds, it’s quite likely the driver will see a lot of jail time for causing the deaths.

The family is now mourning the lost loved ones and has set up a GoFundMe page. The link can be found in the news link above.

Even if a qualified DUI lawyer manages to get that charge dropped for a client, clients will still have to live with the aftermath of any injuries or fatalities. Our role is to provide a defense to our clients as is outlined in the Constitution. It’s one of our fundamental rights. Yet convicted or not, no one’s life after an accident is ever the same.

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