Teen Suspected Of DUI Involving Laughing Gas

When most people think of a DUI charge, they often think about someone driving after drinking alcohol. However, any substance can earn a DUI charge so long as it affects a person’s ability to drive. Over the counter and prescription medication can lead to a DUI, even though these are all legal substances. Even marijuana can lead to a DUI charge, though it has been legalized in California. For the most part, a drug DUI, also known as DUID, is treated the same as an alcohol DUI.

The LA Times reports on a driver arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of nitrous oxide.

The incident happened on Friday, April 4th, when police responded to reports of a crash near Harbor Boulevard and Edinger Avenue in Fountain Valley. It was just before midnight when police arrested 18-year-old Alex Nieves.

Nieves had been driving a Chevrolet SUV south along Harbor Boulevard when he struck a pole. All six people inside the vehicle suffered from minor injuries. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident.

All the occupants were taken to a nearby hospital and treated. They were all released soon after.

According to police, a nitrous oxide tank was discovered in the SUV and may have been a factor in the crash. Nieves was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.


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