Teacher Arrested For Hit And Run In Silver Lake

California makes it a criminal violation if a person leaves the scene of an accident in two situations: if the crash involves property damage or if people are injured. Hit and run involving property damage is a misdemeanor, while hit and run involving injury or death is a felony. An accident can be frightening, in particular if the driver was intoxicated. If convicted, the driver will face the penalties for both the hit and run and the DUI. If the hit and run caused serious injuries or death, the driver will be facing 2-4 years in state prison. If the accident caused only minor injuries, the driver may spend 1 year in the county jail. 

KTLA reports that a teacher has been arrested in connection with a Silver Lake hit and run that seriously injured a bicyclist. 

52-year-old Silver Lake teacher Molly Jane Hoene was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of hitting a bicyclist and then fleeing. 

The crash happened on October 25th in the 3000 block of Berkeley Avenue in Silver Lake. The bicyclist was seriously injured and remains hospitalized in stable condition after having undergone several surgeries on his arm and leg. 

Molly Jane Hoene was taken into custody on Tuesday at a gated community in the Palm Desert. She had been staying there with family members. 

Hoene has been charged with one felony count of hit-and-run with serious bodily injury. A surveillance video shows a Mini Cooper hitting the cyclist and then fleeing quickly. 

Tips and witness statements led to an auto body shop where the blue Mini Cooper was found. After the incident, several people spoke with the police, leading them to believe that Hoene was responsible for the crash. 

The teacher was being held on a $50,000 bond.

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