Taxi Job Interview Scuppered by DUI


A DUI charge can get in the way of obtaining employment. This can be especially true if that employment is a job in which you will be driving regularly. Getting drunk prior to an interview probably will not go over well, particularly if that leads to a DUI arrest.

A man in Des Moines, Iowa was arrested on charges of DUI in late April. The arrest came after he allegedly drove himself to an interview with a taxi company while under the influence.

39-year-old Ryan Dickenson arrived at his interview with Trans Iowa, a company that runs a taxi and shuttle service. However, he had a little trouble parking upon his arrival at about 9:25 a.m on Monday, April 25.

A preliminary breath test revealed a blood-alcohol level of .273, which is more than 3 times the legal limit. A woman taking a smoke break witnessed Dickenson trying to maneuver into a parking space while striking a car while backing up.

Dickenson managed to straighten out to pull into a space, but struck the vehicle in front of him.

When first interviewed by police, Dickenson stated that he had not been drinking. He later admitted that he had.

Dickenson admitted to police that he’d stopped drinking at about 2 a.m. that morning and went to the hospital to receive treatment for his alcohol consumption. At about 8 a.m., the hospital released Dickenson, however, he consumed about a fifth of vodka after being released.

During his field sobriety test, Dickenson began to fall while competing the walk and turn portion. Officers had to catch Dickenson to prevent him from falling. He was unable to complete the rest of the sobriety test.

Dickenson was arrested on charges of DUI and booked into Polk County Jail. He was released later that day.

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