Tarzana Crash Injures Three

LA has seen a rash of alleged DUI accidents this week. This next one was reported a few days about by NBC Los Angeles. It happened in Tarzana and three people were injured.

A woman had just parked her car at Yolanda Street and Clark Avenue. As she got out of her vehicle, she was hit by a car going double the speed limit. It pushed the parked car into two other vehicles. The driver who was responsible spun out of control.

The struck pedestrian was critically injured. The driver was arrested for felony DUI. Two other people in the driver’s car were also injured, one critically.

Whenever a DUI involves a crash, especially one with injuries, it becomes much more difficult to fight a DUI charge. Crashes and injuries are easy to prove, especially with police on the scene. What’s more difficult to prove is that you were drunk when it happened, but it’s easy to sway a jury that you were drunk if the crash was severe enough. Otherwise, you have to explain why you were at fault if not alcohol.

A skilled DUI attorney is the only person who can help you if you’ve been arrested for DUI after an accident. You need someone to fight for you immediately after the incident to save your license and protect you from the many hidden penalties associated with DUI. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, immediately call our offices for a free consultation. We are ready to help you defend yourself in court.

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