Suspected DUI Street Race Leaves Man Dead

Between the years 2000 and 2017, a total of 179 people have been killed in Los Angeles County from accidents with suspected street racing. High-speed car culture has long been prominent in Southern California. Some blame movies like the Fast & Furious franchise, which is partly set in Southern California. Police say that incidents of street racing are on the rise, with racers and spectators utilizing social media to draw crowds and evade authorities. The deadliest year so far was 2007, with 18 fatal crashes. In 2017, there were 12. Those who are killed in street racing incidents are typically males under 21. Many of those killed were not the drivers, but passengers.

KTVU reports on a suspected DUI street-racing accident that left one person dead.

Police are searching for the second driver in a deadly crash that took place on Cinco de Mayo in South San Jose.

One of the vehicles involved slammed into a tree in the middle of Santa Teresa Boulevard. The passenger in the vehicle was identified as 24-year-old David Mandujano. Mandujano was a graduate of San Jose State University and was testing to become a police officer with the North Las Vegas Police Department in Nevada.

Police suspect that Mandujano was a passenger in a 2002 Pontiac Trans Am that was racing with a black Chevy Camaro when the accident occurred. Police believe that the driver of the vehicle, whom family members say was Mandjuano’s best friend, was under the influence.

A witness, who lives in the neighborhood says that speeding and racing are common occurrences on the street.

Police are still investigating whether the two drivers were related. They have not been able to speak with the driver of the Camaro.


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