Suspected DUI Driver Killed by Police in El Monte

There are many ways that people try to avoid a drunk driving charge. The best way is not to drink and drive at all. The second best is to hire a DUI lawyer to assist you. But one of the worst ways is to run from the police.

A driver in El Monte is now dead after he did just that. At Fieldcrest Street and Esto Avenue, an SUV was stopped for a suspected DUI check. But instead of stopping, the driver chose to flee instead. This started a police chase.

During the chase, the motorist crashed into another vehicle but still didn’t stop. An officer also crashed into a separate vehicle trying to apprehend the suspect. More police joined the chase. Eventually, the driver was pushed into a cul-de-sac. That’s when the driver made his fatal mistake. He turned his vehicle around and charged the officers. Three of them pulled out their weapons and opened fire. The driver was killed.

This was a senseless death. Fleeing from the police is never a good idea. Instead, you should use your legal rights and hire an attorney to fight hard on your behalf in the court. If you’ve been arrested for DUI and you live in Los Angeles, our DUI defense team is the team to call. We can help you reduce or avoid your DUI charges, but we can’t help you unless you call us. As soon as you can after your arrest, call the number on your screen for a free consultation.

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