Suspected DUI Driver Goes Airborne in Police Chase

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Driving while intoxicated, sometimes referred to as DUI or driving under the influence, is a serious offense. An accusation of DUI can cause significant impact in a person’s life. When those charges come in conjunction with others being injured, the charges can escalate and become more serious.

In an incident in the Hollywood Hills in California, LAPD spotted someone driving erratically. When they initiated a stop, the driver sped away to avoid the confrontation with police. Unfortunately, a short time after the chase began, the fleeing vehicle went airborne and struck another car. The suspected DUI driver then slammed into a BMW carrying a family, which was forced to crash into a tree in front of an apartment complex.

The family inside the BMW consisted of a mother, a father, and a small child. The mother had to be extracted from the vehicle. Live video taken at the scene showed the little girl, sitting on her father’s lap and holding a box with Disney’s Snow White on it as they were loaded onto an ambulance. Both appeared to be alert.

The incident occurred near North Cherokee Ave and Franklin Avenue intersection. The driver of the vehicle was said to have been driving 50-60 mph in a 25 mph zone. 

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