Suspected DUI Driver Arrested After Fatal Crash in North Hollywood

Friday nights can be one of the most popular times to go out with family and friends. It’s a great time to relax after a long work week and catch up while sharing a meal or maybe even a few drinks. However, getting behind the wheel can turn a good time into tragedy if you’ve had too much to drink. 

That seems to be what happened Friday night in North Hollywood, just as the weekend started. According to a news story appearing on the CBS Los Angeles website, a suspected DUI driver has been arrested in connection to a fatal crash that happened on the night of Friday, October 1, 2021,

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement that the crash happened just after 11:00 p.m. on Sherman Way. Investigators say that the driver of a pickup truck was attempting to make a turn into the parking lot of a Denny’s restaurant at a high rate of speed when they broadsided an SUV. 

A passenger inside the SUV that was in the back seat was killed in the incident. Two additional people who were in the front seat of the vehicle were taken to the hospital. Authorities released no further details about the other two occupants of the SUV or their current condition at the time of the report.

Police officers at the scene placed the pickup truck driver under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

The accident is still currently under investigation.

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