Suspect DUI Driver Climbs Into Passenger Seat to Avoid Arrest

Almost everyone knows that getting behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking is not only dangerous, it’s illegal.  A DUI conviction can spell trouble in nearly every aspect of someone’s life. Suspected DUI drivers who are pulled over have been known to attempt many things to avoid being held accountable. 

 According to a recent story appearing on the website, one Hanford County woman even attempted to avoid arrest by climbing into the passenger seat of her SUV to avoid being charged.

A spokesperson for the Kings County Sherrif’s Department said in a statement that on Sunday, October 10, 2021, just before midnight, deputies on patrol near the intersection of Jackson and 17th observed a woman in a Tachi Riviera SUV swerving across the road.

Deputies attempted to pull the woman over, but she refused to stop. 

During the pursuit, deputies witnessed the suspect veer into the opposite lanes of traffic before driving over a set of one-way tire deflation spikes. This called all four tires on the SUV to deflate. The driver then attempted to drive in a circle to avoid the deputies, but instead allowed them to get a good look at the woman behind the wheel.

The vehicle was finally brought to a stop in the 16500 block of Kent Avenue in Hanford, where deputies finally caught up to her.  The driver attempted to climb into the back seat of the SUV to claim that she had been a passenger. Deputies detained and questioned both her and another unidentified passenger in the front seat of the SUV.

During a series of field sobriety and blood alcohol tests at the scene, it was determined that 22-year-old Alexis Sanchez was well over California’s blood-alcohol limit of 0.08 percent. 

Deputies placed Sanchez under arrest and booked her into Kings County Jail on charges, including DUI and felony evasion of law enforcement. A Kings County Judge has set Sanchez’s bail at $60,000.

Authorities had not disclosed when Sanchez was due to appear in court.

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