Study Suggests Uber Hasn’t Reduced Drunk Driving

The owners of the companies like Uber and Lyft have made claims that their services have reduced the number of drunk driving incidents since they have been in operation.  A recent study, along with testimonials from customers, seems to back up their claims.  However, another recent study says that it has made no dent at all in the numbers of DUI cases.

Researchers from USC and Oxford conducted a study that claims that rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have made no dent in the number of drunk driving deaths.  To get to that claim, the researchers studied the 100 most populated areas that allow the two companies to operate between 2005 and 2014.

The findings of the study actually contradict two previous studies and Uber’s anecdotal evidence.  Even more troublesome is that this study may even bear more weight due to taking into account outside factors like marijuana laws and texting while driving.  

Given the popularity of the service, and the expense, especially at peak times, how can the research be correct?  The authors of the study believe that the average drunk individual “may not be sufficiently rational to substitute drinking and driving for a presumably safer Uber ride.”   Another consideration is that party-people are simply more prone to attempting to drive drunk rather than spend $20 for a safer Uber or Lyft ride.

The study findings are not exactly what Uber and Lyft want to hear.  Both services take pride in being a viable alternative for those who have imbibed too much to safely drive.  Especially Uber, who touts that 80% of their riders have told them that Uber services have prevented them from drinking and driving.  

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