Street Racers Found to be DUI

Street racing is illegal in most places. It is dangerous and can cause serious injury. Combining street racing with drinking and driving can be catastrophic.

A street racing incident in Lake Elsinore, California, resulted in two men being taken into custody last week. In a report by the Lake Elsinore Police Department, officers were dispatched to the area of Railroad Canyon and Church roads for a traffic collision involving serious injuries.

Upon arrival, police found a single car and debris that blocked both sides of the roadway. Inside the vehicle was a passenger who was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim was later identified as Joseph Paul Castro, Jr., who was 19 years old. Castro was from Los Vegas.

In the preliminary investigation, police found that Rick Koesy, 18, and Jacob Fredrickson, 19, were engaged in an illegal street race with one another. The race allegedly led to the collision.

Police Sgt. Nathan Kaas said, “While engaged in the illegal street race, Koesy lost control of his vehicle and struck a light pole.”

Koesy was arrested under suspicion of DUI causing injury and voluntary manslaughter. Frederickson was arrested later at his own home, also for charges of voluntary manslaughter.

While the investigation is still ongoing, both men are being held at the Southwest Detention Center.

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