Strange Crash On 101 Leads to DUI Arrest, but is it DUI?

NBC Los Angeles has reported on another potential DUI case that ended in a fatality. But there are a lot of strange questions that have to be answered before the full story can be revealed.

The report says that a black vehicle was stopped in the first lane on the 101. It was very late in the evening. The driver of the black vehicle got out of his car and walked around to the back of it.

That’s when another vehicle traveling at about 60 MPH crashed into the back of vehicle and crushed the first driver. He was killed at the scene. Police then arrested the other driver for suspicion of DUI.

Could it have been DUI? Possibly, but why would someone stop a black car at night on the 101 and move to the back? This is an incredibly dangerous act. Stopped cars on the freeway, outside of a traffic jam, are unexpected. Plus, the driver wasn’t on the shoulder.  There is more to this case than we know.

Police may be doing their due diligence to check for DUI, but that’s still a mark on an individual’s arrest record and the DMV will still put points on your record. Don’t let these marks stay without a fight. Contact our Los Angeles DUI Defense team. We will get to work to set the matter straight.

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