Stolen Vehicle Leads to DUI Charge

Broken glass by the car


Many times, facing a charge of simply just a DUI is enough to follow a person for the rest of their life. All too often, multiple charges come along with a DUI. Multiple charges can complicate and compound DUI charges. It can be much worse if the accused is already on parole or probation for other criminal convictions.

This is exactly what one woman is facing. In Fresno, California over the past weekend, a woman was arrested. She is facing multiple charges, DUI among them.

Earlier that morning, a white Chrysler Concord had been reported stolen. Fast forward to Saturday evening, when the car was found. Behind the wheel was Fiona Raygoza, 27, a resident of Fresno. She was found near Abby Street and Belmont Avenue. The car had been stolen from Fresno Street and El Paso Avenue.

In addition to charges of auto theft, police report that Raygoza was already on parole for unspecified charges. She was also found to be driving under the influence of a controlled substance. In addition to these charges, police state that she was in possession of methamphetimine.

Raygoza was subsequently booked into Fresno County Jail. Among the charges above, she was also charged with a parole violation. It is unclear if she was able to post bond or has an attorney.

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