Steelers Fullback Admits to DUI

Neither athletes nor actors are immune to being prosecuted for DUI offenses. When it comes to the law, they are as vulnerable as many of us.

A former Pittsburgh Steelers fullback went to court to face his DUI charge. 44-year-old Jon Witman was tried last Thursday for DUI. He pleaded guilty to the offense.

The charges stem from an accident which involved only Witman’s vehicle crashing into a guardrail on February 4th in Lower Windsor Township. At the time of the accident, he had been driving under the influence of controlled substances, including morphine.

Witman admitted in court that he had a sulfate and he also had a muscle relaxer in his system at the time of the crash. It had recently been snowing and he had also been texting in the moments leading up to the accident.

Since the February accident, Witman has also been charged with a separate, unrelated DUI accident.

It is well known that Witman’s professional football career caused him serious injury. He is quoted by some as walking around “like an 80-year-old-man.”

Deputy Prosecutor Allison Glunt said that Witman was asking for a delay in sentencing so that he may complete treatment for substance abuse. However, that point was not expanded upon by the attorney.

Witman has openly detailed his struggles with substance abuse in the past. He has spent a stint of 32 days in detox in addition to time in rehab and a halfway house. These were to address his addiction to methadone.

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