Speeding Vehicle Causes Nine Car Pileup

NBC Los Angeles reports on a suspected DUI crash that resulted in the death of a woman in a multi-vehicle pile-up.

22-year-old Irving Aguilar-Calixto was driving a souped-up Dodge Challenger in excess of 100 m.p.h. at about 1:30 a.m. on Thursday. He drove southbound down the 5 Freeway.

Near the Alton Parkway exit, Aguilar-Calixto crashed into a Prius being driven by an Uber driver. The driver was on the clock but did not have passengers at the time of the crash.

Ten minutes after the crash, another crash occurred, which ignited a chain-reaction pileup that involved seven other vehicles.

In total, nine vehicles were caught up in the crash. Victims included children aged 11, 10, and six months of age.

In the lead vehicle in the second crash was 25-year-old Maria Osuna. After the crash, she undid her seatbelt to turn around and check on her 6-month-old child in the back seat. When another vehicle slammed into her own, she died of her injuries.

Eight people, including the three children, were taken to trauma centers for injury treatment.

Everyone convicted of DUI in California faces penalties that can include fees, license suspension, and jail time. However, California also has additional “enhancements” for DUI charges that can make the penalties for a DUI more severe. Some enhancements include DUI with excessive blood-alcohol levels, DUI with excessive speeding, hit and run DUI, DUI causing injury or death, underage DUI, child endangerment DUI, and DUI combined with refusing a chemical test. Any one of these can enhance a DUI charge and can increase the potential penalties a person may face.

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