Speed and Alcohol Factors in Crash

Night Road

When an accident occurs, a lot of times, the reasons behind the accident are obvious. Someone ran a stop light. Someone was speeding. Someone was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Other times, it may not be so apparent.

Just outside Phoenix, Arizona, an accident involving two vehicles occurred last weekend. The accident occurred Sunday evening in the Sun Lakes area.

The accident left five people dead. A police spokesperson, Chris Hegstrom, stated that four people lost their lives at the scene. A fifth person died after being transported to the hospital.

Hegstrom also stated that speed and alcohol may have been factors in the crash.

Initial reports indicate that four of the deceased were in one car, which had been heading westbound. The fifth was in a car heading eastbound.

None of the victims’ identities were released. No other details, such as if there were any other injured victims involved in the crash, have been released.

Sun Lakes is located about 20 miles southwest of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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