“Soho Karen” Busted For DUI

The New York Post reported recently that a young woman who went viral after being caught on video attacking a young Black man for supposedly stealing her iPhone in New York allegedly has a long history of erratic and abusive behavior, including being arrested for DUI in California in May of 2020 in a bust that was characterized as a ‘tantrum.’ 

The woman, who has become known as Soho Karen for her role in a viral video in which she senselessly attacked a young Black teen 14 years of age, was pulled over by the Los Angeles Police Department in May for driving erratically and allegedly admitted to LAPD officers that she had drunk wine and taken the prescription drug Xanax prior to the traffic stop. 

According to details of the arrest that have come to light since the woman became an internet-famous villain, the woman declined a field sobriety test and then became increasingly verbally abusive with cops as they tried to handcuff her, culminating in a fit in which she thrashed her body and knocked her head against the ground. 

She was charged with DUI and pleaded no contest, agreeing to probation, community service, and a nine-month-long alcohol and drug abuse counseling program. This was not her first alcohol-related offense. She was charged with public intoxication and battery in February, according to police reports. 

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