Slow Chase on Sunset Boulevard

The more unusually you act in front of the police, the more likely they will arrest you. That’s what one woman learned after a strange chase along Sunset Boulevard. She was arrested on DUI charges.

ABC News 7 reported on the slow-speed chase. Police were trying to pull over a white SUV that they suspected had a drunk driver. The white SUV drove normally but refused to pull over. Every time the police tried to get closer to stop the vehicle, the driver would start going again. Fortunately, the driver had the presence of mind not to run any stop lights.

This strange chase lasted for about 20 minutes before the driver finally surrendered. There was a minor struggle according to the report.

Drunkenness, or perhaps fear? Some people are very afraid of getting pulled over for any reason. Fear can lead to unusual actions that make police suspicious. Not every erratic driving behavior is because of drinking and driving.

Without a lawyer on your side, alternate explanations like these won’t challenge the police’s side of the story. You need to have a skilled DUI attorney fighting for you if you’ve been charged with DUI. The consequences for even a first-time conviction are more painful than most people know.

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