Six Vehicle Crash Near Las Vegas Strip May Have Been DUI

A DUI charge is generally bad enough. Most of the time, the charge is a misdemeanor. However, if a person causes an accident and tries to flee the scene, that person could also be facing hit-and-run charges. If a person just damages a vehicle and no one is hurt, the hit-and-run charge can be a misdemeanor as well. However, if someone is seriously injured or killed, the hit-and-run as well as the DUI can become a felony. Fox 5 Vegas reports on a suspected hit-and-run DUI that claimed one life and injured three others.

On Thursday morning, a woman believed to have been under the influence and driving a black Mercedes sedan was involved in first one accident and then another when she attempted to flee the scene of the first accident.

The woman had been driving westbound on Warm Springs Road when she clipped a Lexus. Instead of stopping, she pulled off into the parking lot of the South Premium Outlet Mall and back onto westbound Warm Springs Road.

This is when she struck a Chevy Malibu, which in turn, involved a further three vehicles in the multi-vehicle crash. A Ford, Hyundai, and a Cadillac were struck as they waited at the traffic light in the eastbound lanes of Warm Springs Road.

The driver of the Chevy Malibu died at the scene.

Three other people were injured at the scene, but no names were released.

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