Six Injured In Orange County Crash, DUI Suspected

Most DUI charges in California are misdemeanors. However, there are situations where a DUI can become a felony. If it’s a first-time DUI charge, it is generally only charged as a felony if someone was injured or hurt. When it comes to repeat DUI charges, it generally only becomes a felony after three prior convictions. It can be a felony if the accused as any previous felony DUI charges.

Felony DUI is different from misdemeanor DUI in the amount of punishment received. Not only does a felony conviction give an offender felony status, but a person convicted of a felony loses certain rights, such as the right to bear arms and also temporarily losing the right to vote. 

The OC Register reports that a DUI suspect was arrested in an Anaheim crash that injured six people. 

On Saturday, 24-year-old Leobardo Robledo was arrested on suspicion of felony driving under the influence of alcohol. The crash injured six people, including critically injuring a woman. 

Allegedly, Robledo was driving a black 2014 Dodge sedan when he ran a red light as he was heading south on Manchester Avenue. He struck a black 2019 Honda Fit that was traveling east on Orangewood Avenue.

The crash caused both vehicles to then crash into a utility pole. Both vehicles suffered from serious damage and the occupants of both vehicles suffered from serious injuries. 

Robledo was the only occupant in the sedan. The Honda Fit had four 18-year-old men and one 18-year old woman inside. They were all visiting California from Utah. 

The female passenger was critically injured, all others were stable. 

Anaheim police have asked anyone who witnessed the accident to contact them. 

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