Seven Car Accident Prompts Increased Patrols

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ABC 30 reports on a 7-car accident that is prompting the California Highway Patrol to increase patrols on a section of highway. ‘

According to the California Highway Patrol, a 7-vehicle accident forced authorities to shut down a portion of Highway 180 near Temperance Avenue on Sunday in Fresno.

The CHP believe that the 19-year-old male responsible for causing the pileup was under the influence of drugs. The accident began when the driver careened into one vehicle. His car then went across the grass median and ended up in the path of oncoming traffic.

A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol said the teen who caused the accident has prior health and safety violations.

This is a section of the highway that patrol officers are very familiar with, having responded to 40 crashes along this stretch of roadway last year. Three of those crashes were fatal.

The CHP has stepped up patrols along this section of highway. It also has plans of stepping up patrols on other valley highways.

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