Rollover Crash Leads To Animal Cruelty Charges

In California, a DUI may come with additional charges, sometimes known as DUI enhancements. For example, if a person has a DUI conviction within the previous 10 years, they can face a DUI sentence enhancement. Some other possible DUI sentence enhancements can include if a person is underage, drives recklessly, or has a minor in the car while committing a DUI. Sometimes, these sentence enhancements can quickly become additional charges, such as cruelty to children. Other times, even having a pet in the vehicle with them can have a person facing animal cruelty charges, as KESQ reports.

20-year-old River Potter was arrested last Tuesday following a crash in Rancho Mirage.

He was taken into custody near the intersection with Highway 111 after rolling his vehicle, a Range Rover, then crashing into a tree while heading northbound on Frank Sinatra Boulevard.

Inside the vehicle were three additional passengers, along with an animal. According to the police, the animal had to be put down due to the severity of its injuries. There was no information on the injuries of the human passengers.

Potter sustained injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Once he was released, he was arrested on charges of DUI causing injury, driving under the influence with a BAC above 0.08%, and cruelty to animals. All three charges are felonies.

He was booked into Indo Jail and has a bail of $50,000.

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