Robbie Knievel Pleads Guilty to DUI

Robbie Knievel, son of legendary Evel Knievel, was in court yesterday to plead guilty to DUI in a 2015 crash.

Knievel came before judge Brad Newman and admitted guilt in an accident that resulted in a four-car pileup. The accident occurred on April 21, 2015, after Knievel ran a red light.

54-year-old had previously denied felony charges of criminal endangerment in Butte District Court.

The charge that Knievel pleaded guilty to was a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence. The offense had been amended from a felony count by Butte County prosecutors.

Knievel has been sober since the accident last year. He admitted to having had problems with alcohol his enter life.  

The Deputy county attorney Ann Shea argued for a deferred sentence. She stated that monitoring and rehabilitation was the right choice for Knievel. She recommended two years of reporting to a probation officer.

Defense attorney Walter Hennessey agreed with the prosecutor, stating that the deferred sentence would give his client the opportunity to prove to the court that he had changed.

Judge Newman reminded Knievel how close he had come to hurting others and himself in the accident. The judge had considered a custodial sentence for him. In the end, he agreed with the attorneys.

Noting Knievel’s fame, Newman also ordered Knievel to 40 hours of community service. The community service will specifically be for educational purposes.

Knievel had said that he wanted the opportunity to speak of the dangers of drinking and driving.

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