Rapper Mac Miller Accused Of Blowing BAC Twice Over The Legal Limit

It is a legal requirement for a driver to stop if they have been involved in an accident, even if there were no other people involved. For example, if a person drives drunk and is in an accident that causes only property damage, they are still required to stop and contact the police. If a person flees, they can face both misdemeanor charges of DUI and hit-and-run. The penalty for these charges, in convicted, can include a fine up o $1,000, and up to 6 months in jail. Page Six reports on rapper Mac Miller fleeing the scene of an accident and later being arrested for DUI.

According to the celebrity tabloid website TMZ, Mac Miller was driving his truck in the early morning hours of May 17th. He reportedly jumped a curb and then crashed into a light pole.

He and some friends who were in the vehicle then fled on foot from the accident scene. The three were apprehended an hour later at Miller’s home.

It is reported that the accident was due to Miller’s excessive drinking and a police report from the incident alleges that when he took a breathalyzer test, Miller blew a .15. This is nearly two times the legal limit of .08 in California.

Miller, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, was released after a few hours and posting $15,000 bail.

Miller recently split with singer Ariana Grande, who said that she was praying for him in a recent Tweet.

Miller has a court date scheduled for June 7th.


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