Police to Step Up Patrols for the Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means for travel. The roads are going to be packed with people trying to get to Grandma’s house. But it’s also a time for increased patrols and checkpoints from the police trying to catch drivers who drink a bit much of the eggnog.

In California, the police are required to give notice when patrols and checkpoints are going to be stepped up. The California Highway Patrol and city officials across the state have been giving conferences warning about the dangers of DUI in preparation for the holiday season, and warning people that the patrols will be increased until after the New Year holiday.

They also took the time to warn Californians of a new law against distracted driving that will go into effect in the new year. It will be illegal to handle or operate electronic devices in a vehicle unless they are mounted to a dashboard or windshield and operated only by single taps and swipes.

Over 64,000 DUI arrests were made in California in 2015. When celebrating this holiday season, drink responsibly so you don’t add to the total for 2016. If you do get arrested, though, call our DUI defense team at the number on your screen. We serve the entire Los Angeles County area.

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