Police Shake Car To Wake Up Passed Out Driver

We’ve all helped someone wake up by shaking them gently. But you probably didn’t do it like this story. California Highway Patrol officers had to shake a vehicle to wake a passed-out driver in San Diego. ABC 15 has the story.

Calls came in to report that a car was stopped on the offramp to Imperial Avenue off of I-805. At the scene, police found the driver asleep or passed out at the wheel with the vehicle on. After placing a spike strip in front of the vehicle in case the driver hit the gas, officers used flashlights and shaking the vehicle to wake him up.

The man did wake up and leave the vehicle peaceably. He told officers he drank a “clear liquid”, but didn’t remember what it was. After a field sobriety test, he was taken to jail. Later investigation showed the man was already on probation for a DUI in 2013. He’s probably going to have a long conversation with his parole officer over this.

If you are on probation for DUI already, it’s doubly difficult to defend against any suspicion of DUI arrests. Your probation officer’s testimony will have a factor in the case along with the arresting officer. In this situation, you need a DUI lawyer on your side.

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