Police Helicopter Catches DUI Driver


Do you think that you have to be driving in order to be caught with a DUI? Think again. A story from Florida shows footage from a police helicopter tracking two individuals who, from the video anyway, seem extremely drunk.

The video shows a car pulling into a parking lot. Two people exit the car and promptly fall to the pavement. Several minutes of footage show the two trying to help each other up and failing. One of them even tried to drag the other across the parking lot at one point.

The helicopter was tracking the car because it is believed that it was involved in a hit and run accident. Police were dispatched and the two were arrested for DUI, hit and run, and property damage. When a breath test was taken, the driver blew a .22, nearly three times the legal limit of .08. The arresting officer was astounded that the driver was able to even get the car home.

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