Police Deliver Mother’s Day Bouquets After Arresting Delivery Driver For Alleged DUI

Fox Channel 11 Los Angeles News and Yahoo! News reported an arrest of a flower delivery driver for allegedly driving under the influence following a motor vehicle accident. After the arrest, the police officers involved finished delivering the floral arrangements being transported by the driver.

According to officials with the Fairfield Police Department, the incident took place on Sunday, May 9, 2021 in Fairfield, California, the county seat of Solano County, located approximately 40 miles northeast of Oakland on the outer edge of the San Francisco Bay metropolitan area.. 

Fairfield police units responded to a motor vehicle accident that involved a floral delivery driver making deliveries for Mother’s Day. Officers arrested the floral delivery driver for allegedly being intoxicated, but made sure the Mother’s Day bouquets carried by the driver were still delivered.

In a series of actions that were heavily publicized and tweeted about, the police delivered the bouquets to their recipients, wishing them a happy Mother’s Day. While we’re sure that they appreciated the bouquets, we have to wonder what the mothers thought about the police coming to their houses to deliver their presents!

The reports had nothing further to say about how the police knew the driver was intoxicated. If the driver turns out to not have been DUI at the time of the accident, this PR stunt will look bad for the Fairfield Police Department.

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