Paul Pelosi to be Arraigned on DUI Charges on Wednesday

The Napa Valley Register reports that Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is scheduled to be arraigned at 8:30 a Napa County Court on the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol on Wednesday, August 3.

Pelosi faces the charge of driving with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.08 percent after a crash at approximately 10:00 p.m. on May 28 when Pelosi’s 2021 Porsche collided with a 2014 Jeep at an intersection on Highway 29 in Oakville.

Alison Haley, with the District Attorney’s Office, said that the 82-year-old Pelosi had a blood alcohol level of 0.82 percent and will face the misdemeanor charge of DUI causing injury. 

California law allows Pelosi to be represented at the arraignment by his attorney rather than personally. At that time, Pelosi can enter the plea of guilty or not guilty and have the case continued at a later date. 

As a defendant in a misdemeanor case who is not currently in custody, Pelosi has the right to a jury trial within 45 days of the arraignment or waive the deadline.

Pelosi faces five days in jail if convicted, installing an ignition interlock on his vehicle, a court-ordered class for DUI drivers, and up to five years of probation.

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