Passenger Killed in Crash, Police Think DUI. But was it?

DUI accidents don’t have to involve another vehicle to be tragic. Police in Vernon are saying that a recent accident in that town may have been DUI. CBS Los Angeles has the story of what we know so far.

Just before midnight on Sunday, a van struck a power pole in the 2300 block of Vernon Avenue. The passenger was killed in that crash and the driver injured. Police believe that the driver was drunk, though they didn’t reveal their reasoning to the reporters.

Regardless if there was DUI or not, this is a tragedy. Fortunately, the police didn’t release the name of the driver to the media. All too often, stories like these paint people suspected of DUI in a negative light. We the public don’t have all the evidence, but our belief in the words of the police and the media can cause someone’s reputation to shatter even if DUI charges are dismissed. All it takes is one web search.

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