Pasadena Police Arrest Intoxicated Driver Who Failed to Stop at DUI Checkpoint

Pasadena Now reports a local man drove through a DUI checkpoint on Friday, even after being told to stop by Pasadena Police Department Officers.

Authorities say that the DUI checkpoint was set up near the intersection of Fair Oaks Avenue and Walnut Street. It was just one of several checkpoints set up throughout the day at locations with a history of accidents and high incidences of speeding, traffic signal violations, and previous accidents.  

A spokesperson for the Pasadena Police Department said that officers had issued 115 citations that day. The checkpoint at Fair Oaks and Walnut was set up in the evening to target motorists who chose to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

At approximately 10:07 p.m., a vehicle approached the checkpoint, and the driver was told to stop. Police say that rather than complying, the driver continued driving northbound.

“Officers were able to catch up to the vehicle as the driver parked and exited his vehicle near La Pintoresca Drive and Claremont Street,” Lt. Marcia Taglioretti told reporters, “The driver attempted to avoid the detention by physical force. So officers overcame his resistance and detained him.”

The driver has been identified as 45-year-old Albert Torres of Pasadena.

Torres was booked into City Jail on the charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. He was later transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Reception Center. A judge has set Torres’ bond at $25,000. At the time of the report, Torres was still being held at the facility.


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