Pasadena Man Accused of DUI After Train Wreck

Car on the railroad

An accusation of DUI is a serious matter.  This situation can be compounded when a collision is involved.  When that collision happens to be with a train, it can further complicate matters.  A man in Pasadena stands accused of DUI after his vehicle was struck by a train.

Last weekend, a Pasadena man drove under the railroad crossing arms, resulting in his vehicle being struck by an oncoming train on the passenger side.  Police arrested Hermino Tzab several hours after the crash on suspicion of DUI.  The collision occurred on California Boulevard between Raymond Avenue and South Arroyo Parkway.  It is believed that the driver of the car attempted to beat the train after the crossing guard arms were already lowered. 

The train, which was headed south, was a Metro Gold Line train.  None of the passengers on the train were injured, but both Tzab and his passenger were taken to the hospital.  The passenger in the car suffered serious injuries, but Tzab only suffered bumps and bruises according to police.

Police reported that there were beer bottles in the car.  A train passenger also reported seeing Tzab attempting to hide beer bottles in some nearby bushes.  Records show that Tzab is being held on $100,000 bond and his arraignment was scheduled for earlier this week. 

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