Overturned Pickup Leads to Suspicion of DUI Arrest

What does it mean when someone is arrested for “suspected” DUI? It means that the police believe that the circumstances in a crash warrant further investigation. Once the alcohol leaves someone’s system, they lose their major piece of evidence for DUI, so they have to act quickly.

A recent example of a suspected DUI arrest comes from South LA from MyNewsLA.com. A pickup truck hit another vehicle and overturned at Martin Luther King Jr. and Avalon. Four people were taken to the hospital.

Police reported to the media that they suspected that one of the drivers was DUI. It’s likely they will try to obtain a blood sample for testing while the driver undergoes treatment.

Suspected means the police need more evidence. Getting a skilled DUI lawyer on your side can help your case because they can challenge the evidence and potentially get it thrown out of court.

Have you been arrested for DUI? Call our Los Angeles DUI team as soon as you can. The earlier we can get to work, the greater the chances you’ll get a better outcome. A DUI arrest is bad enough. Don’t let it get to conviction without a fight. Call now.

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