Officer’s Legs Crushed by Alleged DUI Driver

If you are looking to avoid a drunk driver, it’s best to avoid the roads after nightfall. Most people only drink heavily once the sun goes down. Unfortunately, police officers don’t have the luxury of staying off the roads at night, and that might cost one officer his legs.

On Saturday, a woman was driving on North Cambridge Street in Orange at 3 AM. Officers were on that road parked and handling some paperwork. One of the officers was standing by the trunk of his cruiser. According to the report, the woman drifted out of her lane and crashed into the back of the cruiser, pinning the officer.

The woman was going 40 in a 25. Luckily the officer survived, but with major injuries. Other officers in the car were able to rescue the injured individual. Later testing on the driver allegedly produced the presence of drugs and a 0.13 BAC. She could face up to six years in prison if she is found guilty of all of the charges. Currently, she is being held in jail while awaiting arraignment but has retained the services of a lawyer.

Getting a lawyer on your side in such a circumstance is the best thing you can do. When the evidence is stacked that high, you have to fight for your life. No one wants to lose years of their lives in prison. Don’t go down without a fight. If you live in Los Angeles County, contact our LA DUI attorneys. We can help.

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