Officers Charged in DUI Coverup

Two Los Angeles Police Department Officers may be in trouble after allegedly filing a false police report two years ago.

Last Tuesday, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s offices announced charges of filing a false police report against two LAPD officers.

39-year-old Rene Marcial Ponce and 38-year-old Irene Gomez entered pleas of not guilty to charges of filing a false police report and conspiracy to commit an act injurious to the public.

The police report involved a traffic collision and an alleged DUI that happened while the two officers were on patrol in Hollenbeck in October 2014.

Prosecutors allege that the two officers responded to a drunken collision that occurred in the early morning hours in the 3000 block of East Side Boulevard. The suspected drunken driver had crashed into two parked vehicles.

Further, the criminal complaint alleges that the two officers did not complete a drunken driving investigation and did not tell the truth about the driver not being at the scene.

Instead of conducting a sobriety investigation, the two officers allegedly drove the suspect home and told him to get some sleep.

At the time of the alleged wrongdoing, Ponce had 13 years with the force. Gomez had been with the LAPD for 3 years.

Both were arrested last Wednesday. Jail records indicate that they were released from custody just under two hours after arrest.

The two officers have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation according to the LAPD.

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