Officers Announce Warnings About Driving While High For The Holidays

It’s been almost a year since recreational marijuana was officially made legal in California. Because the holidays are a time of celebratory gatherings of friends and families, it is expected that alcohol will play a part in many of these gatherings. Now, with recreational weed made legal, police and other authorities are concerned that marijuana will become a part of those celebrations as well. Traditionally, they have warned the public about drinking and driving. Now, they are beginning to include a statement about indulging in drugs and driving, even if those drugs are legal. NBC Los Angeles reports on the story.

The first holiday season since the legalization of recreational marijuana has arrived.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feurer, in collaboration with District Attorney Jackie Lacey and law enforcement officials, sent out a warning to the public about the dangers of driving after using marijuana. They also warned about the possible legal ramifications.

Feuer spoke from City Hall East, telling the public that the district attorney office prosecuted 7,794 misdemeanor DUI cases between December 1, 2017, and November 30, 2018. The number of those cases that involved cannabis is still being calculated. Despite the lack of calculations, Feuer said that there were several dozen every month.

Lacey added that during the same time period, her office filed nearly 10,000 criminal cases of DUIs involving drugs or alcohol. As with Feuer’s office, those that involved marijuana are still being calculated.

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who was recently sworn in, warned that even just a couple of hits could impair a person.

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